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Johnny Loewy, Motivational Trainer

Johnny Loewy began his real estate career over 20 years ago. Since then he has been a top producing REALTOR® & Broker in many markets across the US. In 2004, Johnny opened a brokerage in Tampa, FL that he quickly grew to 3 successful offices with over 260 REALTORS®. As his offices grew, so did his personal production and that of his agents. In 2007 Johnny was named one of the Top 50 REALTORS® in the US for Closed Transaction Sides by The Wall Street Journal. While growing superstars within his offices, Johnny discovered his passion to teach and train others to surpass his own success. To date, Johnny has trained & coached thousands of agents across North America with unbelievable success and rave reviews.

Johnny is a one-of-a-kind, power-packed motivational trainer with "more energy than a light socket" whose dynamic and versatile teaching methods engage new & experienced agents alike. Johnny believes that training must be interesting & fun to facilitate the most enriching learning experience. As a result his personal teaching style is like no other. Pound for pound, Johnny is the most exciting speaker on the circuit today.

With REACT Online Johnny makes his training and expertise available to markets across the country on a regular schedule to assist brokers in every aspect of brokerage growth and productivity. Johnny teaches the methods he has developed through over 20 years of trial and error; the exact methods, step by step, phrase by phrase, that ranked him among the Top 50 out of 1.4 Million US REALTORS®. REACT now and take your business to the TOP!

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