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Quotes Johnny Loewy is a AMAZING! I have taken every single class of his that has come to the D.C. Metro Area and my business has totally changed for better each time. Especially, over the last year, I took the REACT training and was astonished at how my business grew exponentially by applying the principles and practices that Johnny teaches in class. In addition to the class time, Johnny is so responsive and available to all of his students and really takes the time to individualize his instruction to cater to each student's business. Johnny has held me accountable ALL YEAR and really helped propel me towards my goals. He has been so inspiring and encouraging and really is responsible for helping me take my business to the next level of expertise. For the 1st time ever since I have been in the business now 9 years, I will be receiving an EXIT INTERNATIONAL AWARD at our annual convention. I know that Johnny is definitely the catalyst who helped me kick my business into gear. Thanks Quotes
Johnny Is Absolutely Amazing!

Quotes ...the agents who have been involved in the training have had a significant increase in their personal businesses. Johnny has helped them create enthusiasm and skill which has turned into multiple appointments with buyers and sellers, which have in turn become listings and contracts. This additional business has come as a direct result of the training. We appreciate Johnny & his team, who have already impacted our bottom line significantly in a short period of time - thanks!! Quotes
Kevin Kilpatrick
Principal Broker/Owner, West Jordan, UT

Quotes Johnny Loewy was the best thing that has happened to our offices since we opened, he has brought new energy, and new upcoming success to me, my Agents, and [our company] as a whole. Johnny has just been amazing since the first day of training, above all he does it from the heart, I've had coaches/trainers in the past, and they're main objective is how to make more money FOR THEM..., however Johnny's main objective is how to make you successful and obviously make more money FOR YOU, and his knowledge was priceless. He works with you every step of the way, he coaches you, guides you, and makes you and your agents feel comfortable and at ease. Quotes
Kris Klair
Broker/Owner, Multiple Locations, CA

Quotes REACT Online and Johnny have really been a blessing. Every activity we do, I get appointments, leads, buyers, and sellers. I have just listed a $260k home this morning as a result of the training we did just last night!! I have two more appointments on Monday from that activity. I have a listing from the Short Sale, I have buyers from Turning Renters Into Buyers. I am busier than ever. I am expecting this to not just double my production, but triple it this first year. Also, the sponsoring training has resulted in me signing some REALTORS® I had been after for 5 years!! THANK YOU JOHNNY AND AMBER!! You guys are the greatest! Quotes
Nancy Sartin
REALTOR®, Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Realty, Knoxville,TN

Quotes I have been in the real estate biz for 17 years. I have had several trainers, coaches and advisers. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is proving to be more effective that Johnny Loewy's REACT Online Training! No one, anywhere, has given us more results than Loewy! My agents are being armed with effective tools and habits that work! They are prospecting and they are setting appointments like I have never seen! With Loewy's training my agents are easily setting 2-3 appointments every time they prospect using Loewy's tools. They are becoming a machine! If you are not using Loewy you are missing the boat. Each of my agents are learning how to fish for leads themselves, so at any given time they can turn up the volume and get leads with simple inexpensive tools and powerful and effective scripts! My advice to fellow Brokers and agents - CALL JOHNNY NOW! Quotes
Jim "Mazz" Mazziotti
Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Bend, Bend, OR

Quotes I wanted to be sure to formally express my gratitude for your role in transforming my real estate career in a matter of months. In 2015, I rose from # 34 to # 7 out of 64 full- and part-time agents in my brokerage. I have been an agent for 12 years and this has by far been my best year to date after applying the techniques learned in your class last summer. I really appreciate all of the coaching, training, and responses to multiple text messages that ultimately assisted me in closing more deals more effectively this year. On behalf of the Blair family, we want to say thank you, thank you, and thank you again, and wish you and Amber a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Quotes
Marc Blair

Quotes The React Online Training is AMAZING! I love Johnny Loewy's energy and his passion and you know he truly wants you to succeed. If you just follow his training and do exactly what he tells you to do, you will be more successful than you ever imagined possible. Following exactly what he taught me I managed to land 4 new listings and 8 new buyers in just 6 DAYS!!! I took his training to take my business to the next level and that is exactly what is happening. I have revamped my goals for the year and am now planning on doing 120+ sides next year. I am going to continue to follow his training and I know I will achieve my goals. Thank you so much Johnny! We are truly blessed that you share your talent and expertise with us. Thanks! Quotes
Cheryl Gillen
REALTOR®, EXIT Success Realty, Warner Robins, GA

Quotes I have attended and paid for many Real Estate classes, motivational training and other systems that have just not given a return on investment, so I was reluctant to try another but was impressed by the tangible results achieved by a nearby office. Since I started with Johnny around 2 months ago and having just recently "graduated" from The Interview Process, I have already dramatically improved my recruiting and interviewing skills. This has directly resulted in the sponsoring of 3 agents with more on the way but more importantly, those agents are keen to participate in Johnny's training and money making activities, making them productive almost immediately. I am now also in the process of absorbing a small office of 4 agents, which was almost completely due to Johnny's persistence in holding me accountable and following up with much needed support at each step of the way. Quotes
Steve Humphries
Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Cozy Homes

Quotes There is so much I can say about the fantastic program from Johnny and Amber Loewy. The short of it is, the program has given us hope and really saved our office. The training for the agents it top notch! The training for us owners is top notch! I love the coaching from Johnny and the office structuring from Amber. The support team keeps you participating and engaged. I wish I had started the program years ago. It really is the best thing an owner can give to their agents and to themselves! We are recruiting like crazy, our office has doubled this year, we are moving into a beautiful space, and attracting agents I never dreamed would even talk to me. The methods are easy, create long lasting relationships, give you so much confidence, and you will get results! Please call me anytime and I can tell you all the ways the Loewy's have saved my business! 801-824-0678 Quotes
Angelina Nelson
Owner/Agent, EXIT Realty Legacy

Quotes Our office joined in the React online Training with Johnny Loewy about two months ago. This has been an incredible experience. Our agents have benefited tremendously from the training and instruction but the "magic" in the program is a result of the actual implementation of the newly acquired skills. Johnny is there to coach and instruct the agents through that implementation and the follow up. He is there to teach, coach and hold agents accountable on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Johnny is facilitating positive results! This program provides the agents a personal coach without that big price tag. Johnny and the support team get "100 thumbs up" from EXIT Realty Achieve. Quotes
Susan Hamblen
Broker/Owner, EXIT Realty Achieve, NY
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