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Quotes Johnny Loewy and his coaching program, REACT Online, have provided me with incredible tools and knowledge that literally put money in my pocket! It's these strategies that I learned in Johnny's classes that gave me the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve success in my few months in real estate. I wrote 27 contracts in my first 6 months and have already closed 6 with another scheduled to close in a few weeks! Anyone can preach theory and provide you with facts, but Johnny teaches you actionable steps that produce measurable results! No boring lectures here! If you want to kick your real estate career off or are in need of a major boost, join Johnny's class! I'm thankful I did! Many thanks to Johnny and his incredible team! Quotes
Sarah Strobel, REALTOR®
REALTOR®, Charles Rutenberg Realty, Tampa, FL

Quotes I just wanted to write you to let you know that this farming face-to-face activity that we've been participating in has been amazing for the agents. They've been setting so many appointments during the activity but it really puts them on track on how to pick out a farm area and then how to service that farm area effectively. As you know this is one of our favorite activities. Tiffany Watts actually just listed a home from the last time we did this activity when it was minus 20 Celsius. For you that would be around minus 4 Fahrenheit. I told you before we started this activity last week that I would ask the agents to double up on the numbers and it looks like it's paid off!! The reigning champions of farming face-to-face hold on to their title for another session!! Looking forward to the pizza party tonight! See you in class! Quotes
Scott Grace
Managing Associate Broker, EXIT Realty Professionals, NS

Quotes I started last night doing my homework, and i just need to take a minute to thank you with all my heart all of this training that you are teaching to all of us. I have 8 years of experience in the real estate profession and have been in several companies, but I have never, ever received so much information about how to maintain being a great professional and not an average [agent].... I am building my bio ... Thank you because this has built my confidence in myself and I KNOW that I can offer outstanding service and stand out from the rest of the agents. Thank you!!!! There are so many tools out there for us to use and to reach so many people, this is eye openning. ... Well thank you again, just needed to stop and say THANK YOU!!!! YOU ARE A BLESSING, THIS IS A WONDERFUL GIFT! 2012 IS AWESOME!!!!! Quotes
Ivette E. Olivo
REALTOR®, Overton Realty, Inc., Kissimmee, FL

Quotes I am so impressed by the content, subjects, and enthusiasm Johnny gives to each of us! As a new agent, this course was a wealth of information!! I think all of us who have taken Johnny's courses became not only better real estate agents, but better people! I cannot thank you enough for sharing all you know, and I look forward to taking more courses and seeing Johnny again soon! Quotes
Jan Sisson
REALTOR®, EXIT Realty Parade of Homes, VA

Quotes After taking several training classes from other National Trainers, I know that Johnny's training is the most intense and up to date real world training available. Most trainers train with what worked 10 years ago. Johnny shows you what worked for him last year and ranked him 46th out of ALL REALTORS®. You miss this training you miss the chance to increase your business 10x over. Quotes
Jim Thornton
Agent, Home Union, Birmingham, AL

Quotes The training was top notch! Johnny teaches from the heart and it shows! His coaching and instruction can help even the shyest person to overcome their fears and get those great agents onboard! Where was he and this training, when I first joined? Quotes
Tina Casen
REALTOR®, EXIT Alliance Realty, Murrietta, CA

Quotes I just purchased the [EXIT] franchise and with the knowledge I have gained from this [Rapid Results Recruiting] class I know that I will be VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!! Just watch and I promise that you will see the most successful office come to be. The possibility I create for myself and my life is the possibility of growing this office. Just watch and you will see for yourself. I am so honored. Thank you Johnny and Amber for all that you do. I can just say WOW!!!!!!! Quotes
Tracy Eriks
Owner, EXIT Realty On The Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA

Quotes I can't begin to express how grateful I am for the Rapid Results Training. This must be made mandatory for any new franchise owners. I can't even begin to calculate how much it has cost me to not have this valuable training, but I am thankful that I now am empowered with it. ... I now feel new hope, since you have given me the secret "key" to building and growing an office. From the scripts, to the role playing, to the amazing interview magazine that insures that we share 100% of EXIT with each agent in a consistent systemized manner. It's powerful to have the agent give you numbers and words which I in turn put in my "EXIT gun" and shoot right back at them to close them with. Quotes
Lilian Walker
Broker/Owner, EXIT Beach Cities Realty, Huntington Beach, CA

Quotes Johnny Loewy is a MASTER of teaching you how to reach beyond your fear and grasp on to success with both hands. I am so, so happy that I did not let my fears drive me and that Johnny has the incredible ability to reach you where you are and bring you to where you need to be. Quotes
Karen Totty
REALTOR®, EXIT Twin Advantage Realty, Murietta, CA

Quotes I have been in real estate for over 25 years, and prior to that in regional management for Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith, and Dean Witter Reynolds. I can truly say in terms of relevance, Johnny radiates the essence of... a heartfelt desire to benefit mankind in every facet possible, starting with family and radiating to all aspects of an individual?s life culminating in a strong faith in all, to benefit all, and to have that reflective in a business environment and essence of who we are. Without question, these [classes] have been inspirational and mind changing in what we can have with guidance, just by taking that extra step. When one has the desire that burns within, there is only the need to find a way to magnify that flame to its ultimate light. Johnny is extremely knowledgeable, awesome in his ability to teach thru humor, and in my opinion, a most treasured asset... Quotes
Anthony Lara
REALTOR®, Dynasty Realty, Murrietta, CA