Johnny Loewy Sales Training



Quotes ...I am privileged to have been trained and developed by Johnny. I have been in sales a lot of years; however, his level of individual commitment to each and every one of us catapulted each of us to new levels and new heights. I personally broke through sales barriers that I didn't know were even possible. Johnny sat with me for 20 minutes, and redesigned scripts to fit my style, and as a result our office is experiencing unprecedented results. ... What moves me, is [Johnny] cared about "me" as an individual. I was not a number, it is evident, I am a person, and he cared about and wanted to see me succeed. He is brilliant, hilarious, loving, funny, and downright good. ...his classes and training need to be brought to every new broker opening an Franchise, and offices that are not thriving or thriving as well as they would like to. ...the growth of EXIT is eminent, and Johnny along for that accelerates the outcome! One of his biggest fans... Quotes
Kirstin Gooldy
Director Corporate Growth, EXIT Team Realty, Tustin, CA

Quotes I just finished a 7 week training workshop with the most incredible trainer I have ever encountered; he took me from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds... I feel like I was starving and I found the man who taught me how to FISH. Now I can eat for life. Johnny Loewy's system is air tight; it is so structured anyone with a little desire can master it! My sincere Thanks to Johnny, I feel he has given me the tools that are totally life changing. I can't wait until we can do some more training. Quotes
Barry Smith
REALTOR®, The Agents Real Estate, Valencia, CA

Quotes It is filled with so much information, projects and prospecting activities. Johnny has combined his knowledge of the real estate business, personality style, prospecting activities, & online presence into this course and it produces results! Quotes
Lynn Duncan
REALTOR®, Webb Properties, Knoxville, TN

Quotes ...we have listings, buyers, and closings that would not have happened without REACT. But much more than the increase in business, I am seeing excitement, agents having some fun, and a culture of success developing that had been missing for some time. This to me means a bright future for my business. Best real estate investment I have ever made! Quotes
Warren Zook
REALTOR®, Pinnacle Real Estate, Knoxville, TN

Quotes ...this amazing training should be mandated... Johnny Loewy's training was invaluable to my office!! ... The humor, scripts and insight that Johnny Lowey brings to the training table are unparalleled!!!! Quotes
Melinda Harris
Franchisee/Broker, EXIT Team Realty, Tustin, CA
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