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Chapter 1: Planning for Success

The real estate industry makes millionaires, but making millions isn't supposed to be easy. Whatever your income goals are, this class will provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve and surpass those goals...

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Chapter 2: Selling the Market Value

Determining and Selling Value through a Comparative Market Analysis is a Long Standing Practice in the Real Estate Profession. Whether You Are Discussing Sale Price with a Seller or Offer Price with a Buyer, Your Ability to Accurately Determine the Market Value is Only Half the Job.

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Chapter 3: The Psychology Of Listing

As you have always heard, you've got to list to last in real estate. Learn the secrets to giving listing presentations that lead to an everlasting supply of listings. Listings are like money in the bank! Build your listing inventory and build the lifestyle you dream of.

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Chapter 4: Marketing Listings to the Extreme

Listings are like money in the bank, but only if they sell. Learn to market listings for faster sales, more buyer leads, & better prices!

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Chapter 5: Capturing Lead Calls

You can't sell a home over the phone, but you can set an appointment. In this class you'll learn to control the direction of your conversation with lead calls so you convert more of your lead calls to appointments. Become a master appointment setter and increase your business!

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Chapter 6: Hooking Internet Leads

More than 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for a home, and almost 70% of those potential clients search on a mobile device. Why then, do less than 5% of internet leads turn in to appointments for the average agent? In this class, you will learn how to respond to internet leads and increase your conversion rate to as much as 60%! Never settle for average, when you can be exceptional!

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Chapter 7: Closing Buyers in One Appointment

Buyers mean quick cash if you can get them to sign. Johnny will teach you to close a buyer in one appointment and half a day. Learn the essentials of working with buyers to contract more homes in less time!

Page 117

Chapter 8: Perception is Reality

If you want to sell a product, first you must sell yourself. Personal marketing is essential to your business. What's the perception about you in your marketplace? Learn to make yourself look great in internet & print from a marketing guru!

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