Johnny Loewy Sales Training


Terms & Conditions

I authorize Johnny Loewy Sales Training to bill my credit card for the training and/or coaching programs as selected above. I will be billed my first payment today, then, if I have chosen a payment plan, I will be billed monthly on the 15th of the month (but not less than 20 days after first payment) per the plan I have selected above.

CANCELLATION / RETURN / PAYMENT PLAN POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, refunds, or discounts under any circumstance. Any payment plan elected above is a valid debt. Program access and professional services will be granted after first payment is successfully processed. Should student fail to make any payment, additional program and professional services access will be suspended until payment is made. If payments terms are not adhered to and this account is turned over to a collection agent or attorney, purchaser will pay reasonable attorney’s fees and/or collections costs in addition to the balance due per the agreed upon payment terms.